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Philippe Sauvant Consultants
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La retraite c'est à vie

Sauvant Consultants

35, avenue Charles De Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine

Tél : 01 47 45 08 13
Fax : 01 47 45 22 94

La retraite c'est à vie®
Retirement is for life

The prospect of your retirement, a crucial step in your professional life, gives rise to a multitude of questions:

All your questions deserve an accurate answer.

In the light of legislation that is more and more abundant in this field, evolving in line with reforms, facing ever more diversified professional careers (in the EU, world-wide, as an employee, self-employed...), it is difficult to find your way and adopt a true strategy.

Philippe Sauvant Consultants answers all your questions and provides you with a GLOBAL overview of your present and future situation.