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Ready to take stock - Philippe Sauvant Consultants
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La retraite c'est à vie

Sauvant Consultants

35, avenue Charles De Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine

Tél : 01 47 45 08 13
Fax : 01 47 45 22 94

Ready to take stock

We all have an idea in our heads about the word retirement: WHO has not imagined what retiring will be like?

Yet the word "retirement" is sometimes the tree that doesn't let you see the wood. And it is associated with other terms: income, health, spouse, Health Insurance Card, complementary health insurance, early demise, family, expatriation, return to work, dependence, taxation,...

Like any business or tax, retirement is a complex issue: it has to be managed, not just dreamt of.

Managing your thirty years of life expectancy after you retire is something that needs to be studied today. You have understood this and intuitively you are ready to get to work on it.

Such an urge is not enough. The constraints of daily life often do not leave you enough time to stake stock. So we propose to do it for you, working together on your future, your ultimate professional and personal success.

We provide you with our expertise accumulated over more than 30 years in the world of retirement planning, acting on request in any or all of the areas mentioned. Together we will establish one or more strategies that will be a comfort for your future, answering ALL your queries.

The goal of our activities is not to sell or distribute financial products; our job is different. What we aim to do is help you share in our experience and understand what you mustn't do to ensure you enjoy retirement planned with peace of mind.