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Private individuals - Philippe Sauvant Consultants
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La retraite c'est à vie

Sauvant Consultants

35, avenue Charles De Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine

Tél : 01 47 45 08 13
Fax : 01 47 45 22 94

Private individuals

The basic questions

Your income, the amount of your retirement

Do you have any idea, as a percentage of your current income, of how much your pension payments will represent?

If you were to die while still active, how much of your pension entitlement would ultimately be allocated to your spouse?

Your spouse, your income

Are you familiar with the rules on your spouse’s or your children’s entitlements to a survivor’s pension?

Can a spouse who is still working receive a survivor’s pension?

Calculation of pensions under the general regime (CNAV) and special regimes (RSI, MSA):

The basic pension is calculated by taking the average of the 25 best annual salaries. But is that the total salary or the capped salary used by the French Social Security system?

Must you be earning a good salary to be able to enjoy a good pension?


Do you think that the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse (CNAV) could validate some of your retirement quarters free of charge?

This set of questions illustrates how extensive are the domains covered by retirement issues. Isn’t it time for you to undertake your own pension audit?